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picking list (n.) form used to pick manufacturing or shipping orders 清单

[例] If you have checked the picking list carefully, you won’t make a mistake.

pilot (n.) test which will be extended if successful实验性的

[例] a pilot project

pipeline (n.) channel of flow商品供应线

[例] Are there any new product in the pipeline?

PIN (personal identification number ) 个人密码

pirate (v ) to make use of or reproduce (another's work) without authorization 盗版

[例] Pirated VCDs and DVDs have caused huge loss of movie studios.

pitch (v.) to attempt to promote or sell, often in a high-pressure manner 销售

[例] Instead of depending on ads pitched to China’s 56 m people with pcs and Internet access, they have focused on selling online content to the 200 m Chinese with cell phones.

[同义词] sell

plant (n.) factory工厂

[例] The fire plant being built is a joint investment project.

plant capacity (n.) amount which can be produced by a factory工厂设备(生产)能力

plc public limited company 股票上市公司

plough back (v.) to reinvest再投资

[例] All our profits have been ploughed back into the business.

plug (v) to publicize (a product, for example) favorably, as by mentioning on a broadcast公开推荐

[例] He plugged that new shampoo on the radio giving it a good promotion.

point of sale (n.) = POS place where a product is sold销售地点

policy (n.) way of doing something方针

[例] What is the company policy on discounts?

poll (n) a survey of the public or of a sample of public opinion to acquire information 民意调查

[例] We need to conduct a poll to find out customers’ preference.

portfolio (n.) range, collection of investment投资组合

[例] a portfolio of shares

portfolio management buying/selling a range of shares for a client投资组合管理

[例] We can introduce portfolio management to you if you want to buy shares of that company.

postcode (US: zip code) a service mark used for a system designed to expedite the sorting and delivery of mail by assigning a series of numbers to each delivery area in the country 邮编

[例] Please put your postcode on the envelop.

position (n.) place or way a product is perceived in a market(市场)定位

[例] The brand has created a up market position and been popular in the circle of rich family.

positioning (n.) creating an image for a product in a particular sector of a market(市场)定位

[例] How to set up an appropriate positioning for this new kind of product is crucial to the sales volume of the company.

postpone (v.) to delay until a future time; put off推迟

[例] postpone a meeting

potential1. (n.) person’s possibilities for future development潜力

[例] The organization has an obligation to give every employee an opportunity to grow and to realize his or her full potential.

2. (adj.) possible in future 有潜力的

[例] our potential customers


PR (public relations) 公关dept.of PR

[例] As the company’s PR manager, she has to pay special attention to the company’s image.

preference share (n) shares which receive their dividends before all other shares and which are repaid first if the company is liquidated 优先股,考生如果怕自己错过考试报名时间和考试时间的话,可以 免费预约短信提醒,届时会以短信的方式提醒大家报名和考试时间。

[例] She bought preference shares that carry no voting rights.

predatory pricing (n) the pricing of goods and services at a very low level to force out competitors 掠夺性定价

[例] The firm is using predatory pricing to beat other rivals.

proceeds (n) the money from selling something收益

[例] The proceeds in the last month increased sharply.

prompt day (n) the day on which goods bought at a commodity exchange are due for payment清帐日

[例] The goods will be delivered before the prompt day.

proprietary (adj) of a product which is made and owned by a particular company 独家制造的

[例] proprietary brands

proviso (n) a clause in a document making a qualification, condition, or restriction 附加条文

[例] We will sign the agreement with a proviso that we are the exclusive agent in China.

purchasing power (n) 1.the ability to purchase, generally measured by income 个人和组织的购买力

[例] With the rapid development of China’s economy, purchasing power of her people has been greatly increased.

2.the value of a particular monetary unit in terms of the goods or services that can be purchased with it 货币的购买力

[例] a decrease in the purchasing power of CNY

premise (n.) real estate 房产

[例] Price includes premises plus equipment and raw materials.

prestige value (拥有奢侈品的)荣耀感

[例] the prestige value of owning a Benz

priority (n.) precedence, especially established by order of importance or urgency 优先(权)

[例] The most important priority on long-haul flights is comfortable seats.

prioritize (v.) to put things in order of importance 优先考虑

[例] Everyone should take time to be alone, to prioritize and meditate.

[同义词] preference, superiority


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